Monday, January 14, 2013

Magic Makeover

I was looking through the pictures when we first gotten our place to see how much have changed since the work-in-progress started about 6 months ago. All the blood, sweat and tears is so worth the outcome. Take a look at our magic makeover!

The Hall - Before

The Hall - After
 We've taken away the railings which gives it an illusion of space.

Dining - Before

Dining - After

Master Bedroom - Before

Master Bedroom - After
The only thing missing are paintings and pictures which I intend to hang up. The wall still looks plain in my opinion.

Guest Room #01 - Before

Guest Room #01 - After

Guest Room #02 - Before

Guest Room #02 - After

We've added a cozy corner!

AND... a mini vegetable garden behind... :)


I'm really happy with the overall look of it. Afterall, I'm an no interior designer, nor did I engage a design company to come up with something. The best part was, everything was kept within the budget which includes all the furniture that you see as well. With the money saved from engaging a designing firm, I could spend more on quality furniture. And, it feels great relaxing amongst good quality stuff + nice soothing music + a nice cold beer or wine! 



I'm almost at the end of my DIY project. I'll try to post some more tips and experiences of mine which I may have missed out. Those that I've left hanging are my DIY Victorian table lamps which I'm still searching for that PERFECT lamp shade in a good price and wall paintings which I've not gotten around to start!!

My next wish is to start another DIY home project. I doubt that it will happen in the near future... Buying a property needs huge funds!! 

To my family, friends and readers out there, I hope you find this journey fun and helpful. Thank you for your support. Feel free to email me if you need any tips/info on the DIY works.

And, I'm going to post the proud face of the man lady behind all these DIY stuff! (eh, not the avatar you see, that's the younger moi. No more of that. Mature already!)

xx LOVE xx

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