Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dress Me Up - Final (Part 3)

Herro! It's been some time since I updated the progress of my lamp shades. Honestly, I didn't do much for the Victorian lamp shades that I sooo raved about. I lost a lot of steam after searching so long for the perfect lamp shade... You guessed it! I couldn't find any suppliers locally that sells the skeleton of my perfect lamp shade off the shelf. They are mostly custom-made and are super pricey!

So, I had to put this project off till I find a more reasonably priced lamp shade. I'm not prepared to pay SGD$80 per lamp shade just to tear them apart and put on a new fabric (yes, in retail shops, they only sell them fully done up in gaudy cheap lace which looks horrible).

So I'm just going to show you those that are completed. :)

Remember this?

I bought some lace ribbons in champagne gold and black for the trimmings, and black lace fabric for the body of the lamp shade.

Sewing will be the ideal method to put on the fabric onto the shape. However, it was too much of a hassle. Mum did most of the work and we mostly used glue to stick on the fabric and lace onto the shade. Wala!

Next up... I bought 2 of these, again, mum did all the work. This DIY shade is even easier to make. We left the shade as it is since it was still in good condition. Added crystals on the base and stick on the gold lace.


In my opinion, it's not the best nor did it give me a "WOW", BUT, for the price we paid, it's a good bargain! We kept it very safe this time since I was unsure how it will turn out. Perhaps we'll change the look of it in 2-3 years and give it a new look.

At the mean time, I'm pretty satisfied. :))


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