Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mission Impossible - Final (Part 5)

It's the grand finale now. The last bits. I covered the back with a lining.

Thereafter, the main fabric goes on top. 

Tada!! Done!! After, I used whateve scrape cloth to cover up the bottom of the sofa. A dustcloth is usually used, but since I have extra lining fabric, I used that instead.

Now, to stick on the lace. I found these at a good price in Chinatown. I bought 15 yards. These lace tend to go out of shape at the cut ends, so make sure you tape or glue them securely first.

Stick the lace on the edges of the fabric and wood frame. I did this for the back, and front.

I'm missing the final picture of the finished product. Please wait for an update on this picture soon

I'm so happy this project turned out to be a success (Laugh back at mum who mocked me! HA!). There are some parts I'm not satisfied with:

1. Some of the folds on the "Chesterfield effect" (back rest) were not visible due to over stretching of the fabric.

2. Throughout the process, at times when I'm not careful, I injured the wood frame. You can't see it now because the "injured" areas are covered over with lace.

3. I couldn't find a denser foam for the seat cushion area. When I sat down on the sofa, I sank right in. Luckily, I re-used half of the old foam which was dense enough.

4. I should have sent the wood frame to be sanded down and put on a new coat of varnish, however, I was looking at the overall cost, hence decided against it (Since it's for personal use). The frame looks a little old, but it fits right into the theme of my room.

Overall, I'm really satisfied with the outcome. Can't say that I'm keen to embark on another big project. Perhaps when I'm ready again, this time I'll get professional tools to minimize time, effort and back breaking experiences!!

Again, check out the "before" picture.


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