Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mission Impossible (Part 3)

Ok, I really did stop for a long while because I hurt my fingers while striping down the old fabric. Not just the striping but accidently hammering into my fingers as well!! Remember, I complained a lot about my finger muscles feeling sore after over-working them? Yes, my fingers felt so stiff that I had to stop to rest them. The recovering process took longer than I thought. Smart me refused to buy a compressor and staple gun because I'm not sure if this project would interest me to invest in one, so I used the most traditional method... Hammer and nails.

So, if you are really keen on upholstering, I would recommend you to use professional tools or some tools that can give you leverage rather then you being a hero... you'll end up like me...

This was done sometime back in mid Nov.

I've already put on a lining with a little stuffing for the seat area and I'm working on the putting on the inner lining for the frame. (I decided to chuck the idea of putting a new webbing after my minor injury)  This is how it looks when it's done.

Next, the buttons. It was hard to find a seamstress who is willing to do the buttons for me.  I knew it took a lot of time and the selling price is just not worth the effort, hence, I figured that's why these shops don't want to do it.  Luckily, I found a shop that sells a gadget that makes these buttons. Hurray!!

Instructions are in Japanese, but they are pretty straight forward with the picture instructions given. I'll just show you a photographed version of this. Start off by drawing and cutting out the template given on the fabric of your choice.

Please use these labelled indications to understand the process below.

First, put the cut fabric on (C), then place the aluminium caps (D) on top of the fabric and push both into the casing (C).

It looks like this

Then, place (E) into the bottom side of casing (B).

Complete the above and place into casing (C). After, place casing (A) into casing (B).

Thereafter, hammer it down hard to secure all parts to form the button.


 Remove it from the casing using a pin.

 Now you've got the perfect home-made matching buttons!!

I made a lot of them as they were needed for the back rest. It took some time and they were more fun then the upholstering. :)

That's all I did for that day. I remembered I ran out of nails hence my work was halted. Well, look out for more. I'll be uploading them soon.

(^v^) bisous

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