Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mini Upholstery Projects

I call these mini projects because you can get them done in a few days or in a day. Compared to the upholstery of the previous 3-seater, these are simple! Check them out.

I wanted the matching fabric used in my bedroom for my dresser stool. It was the easiest upholstery work done in 2 hours. That includes the dismantling, cutting & sewing of fabric, re-stapling and assembling it back. This was the original look...

Dismantling is easy peasy!

 Dismantling the cushion parts.

There was minimal sewing. I used whatever leftover fabric I had, machine sew the sides and staple the fabric using a handheld staple gun. The staple gun is cheap, but can be tricky to use.
Tip: Best to use the handheld staple gun on a flat surface. Any curved areas or edges that needs stapling, it's best to use the air compressor types which are pricey.

The completed stool!

Next is my mum's mini project. It probably took her 2 weekends to complete since she has to work from Mondays to Fridays. Sorry, I don't have the original picture of it. To give you a brief background; we bought this at our favourite 2nd hand shop for cheap. The original fabric was really filthy and the whole thing just looked tattered. The frame was in gold and it had bad scratches all over so mum decided to paint it black. 

Originally, we would use wood paint, this time we decided to try spray paint - in matt black. I must say that the results turned out a lot better than if painted by brush. Just make sure you protect your floors or if you can do it outside when spraying. You don't want to get tiny specks of black paint on your floors!!

The coat of paint is very even throughout when you spray on it. I'm very happy with the results. As usual, always keep the dismantled pieces for reference before throwing them away.

This time, mum decided to use the handheld staple gun rather than the trusty nails and hammer. Thinking that will save her time... wrong!! It is not as easy as we thought!! Because you need to hide the staples in corners of the frame, the handheld staple gun becomes clumsy and needs 2 persons to make ensure stability (stapling on a "flat platform") and direct force downwards (so that the staples don't warp during the stapling process). Overall, it would be better off using the traditional method. 

The finished chair!

The only sewing was the piping on the edge of the seat cushion. The rest is just stapling. The job done this time is not that fantastic; still, the chair looks as good as new.

Good job mum!


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