Friday, October 12, 2012


I learnt a lot from my Chief gardener - Grandma. My garden have been neglected ever since we took over this place and the grass patch is full of this weed - La Lang. It's not long enough yet to start sprouting flowers, but it's bad enough to be killing the nice grass that was originally there.

I don't know what other names they call this plant and I only know the local name of "Lalang". This is how it looks when fully grown.

My Chief gardener weeding the chaos.

She was explaining to me that the full grown lalang when you pull them out, the roots can be cleaned and boiled with water and rock sugar to make "Liang juie" (Cooling drink to reduce "heaty-ness" - Chinese concept of the body being Ying and Yang). It's the first I heard of - ancient herbal remedies using Lalang. However, these Lalang in my garden are way to small too harvest any meaty roots and their sprouts have sharp pointy tips, so they are a hazard.

I helped with the weeding too!  :)

This was before. The army of young Lalang.

This is the remaining grass left after exterminating the weeds. I just realized that these grass were the carpet type of grass used on the golf course. The Lalang killed most of it!!

I feel like a kid again. After the job is done, I went to play with the millipedes infesting the nearby shrub. I didn't really like the weeding. Somehow touching the moist soil with bare hands irks me...

I wonder how will the future garden look like? I hope I won't kill any of the plants that were given as a gift...



  1. Wah... FINALLY! She came down! Ha ha... Smart of you to bring Grandma in. She's the genius on gardening! ^^