Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mission Impossible (Part 4)

Hello folks!! Another update on the progress of my stunt. 

The last post was mostly about making your own matching buttons. This time, what you see is not completed in a day. It was done during the weekends, span across one month or so. That is because the back rest of the sofa took tremendous time and effort to complete. It felt like forever... 

See? I didn't lie!! The upholstering done is in traditional style - Hammer & Nails! 

To make sure I have a nice snug edge, I had to use cardboard to give it a nice shape when the fabric is flipped over. My chief seamstress was nice enough to sew the piping for me.

Traditionally, you use cut tacks (nails), however, they tend to split my wood, so I changed to a different nail. I use 3 types of nails throughout the upholstering. One for linings, the main nail and the long slim one for hard to reach areas. Also, I had to use this metal bar assist to hammer in the nails. This is mainly to avoid injuring the edges of the wood frame. In upholstering, you want to secure the fabric as close to the edge as possible and be "hidden" from view. 

Look how the edges look neat with the help of the cardboard? I would recommend this even if you are using the staple gun.

I was so happy we bought the 7ft table. It served as a work table to cut the fabric! Remember I kept the old fabric pieces for reference? I'm using them as a template now to cut my fabric.

Ok, this is work I've done for the "Chesterfield" effect. Had to pull the strings taut and nail it down to the frame. It's best you use the nylon thread. I realized that the cotton one I used tends to snap when I nail it down.

Handling the fabric on the "arm" section" is super tough without using the staple gun. Had to get my mum to help position the cardboard and fabric on the wood frame while I pushed down the foam and position the nail into place for hammering!! No pictures to show, but it really was an acrobatic act!! Had to use both hands and a foot. Haha! Like a bunch of monkeys.

Now for the seat foam. This is a piece of cake after the back rest.

Finally!! All nailed at the back.

I really gave a sigh of relief when these two parts are completed. They comprise of the main job to the upholstering. It's quite a good job I've done there. After all the blood, sweat and tears!! So worth it. 

The next post will be the last one on the final touches to complete the job. 

Now I just need a nice cold beer!


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