Saturday, August 18, 2012

Take a Second Look

Ever since my mum passed me a newspaper cut out from The Straits Times on 2nd hand furniture shops, one of my favourite hang out places to look see look see is Hock Siong & Co. Their furniture is relatively in good condition and most of them are old furniture from Hotels. So the quality is there too. 

They do re-painting, however they don't do re-upholstery. Good thing is, they have contacts which they usually recommend to customers and their staff are really helpful. Also,with $300 spent, they'll do delivery to your door step. 

I've already went there more than 5 times in a span of 2 months. My initial idea was to find antique French/ Victorian furniture and re-upholster it. I ended up getting overly excited and bought other stuff too. I mean, the quality's not bad for the price paid, add a little sanding, painting, polishing & cleaning, the piece looks new again. Why not?

Check out my great hauls...

We bought 3 of these. I was so busy then shopping for suitable fabric prints and upholsterers.

Somehow I fell in love with this dirty looking 3-seater. It has a matching single seater, but after much "thinking", it was sold to someone else. :(  I wanted something Victorian for our bedroom, so this fits right into the theme. 

This will be my project - to re-upholster myself! My mum snorted & laughed. She said she'll laugh harder when I finally send this piece to the upholsterer... after my disastrous attempt.... We'll see about that.

Stay tuned for my DIY upholstery post!  

Bought 2 of these and 2 other shorter ones.

The best part is, I got all of these for about $1000. Don't forget to include costs for fabrics, re-painting & upholstery. 

Most of the hauls you see above, they all need some form of face uplift. I'll keep you posted when I've started on of each one of them. I reckon the hardest one will be the 3-seater. Wish me luck!

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  1. Yes indeed the 3-seater is the hardest. I'm getting excited with the final outlook!