Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dress Me Up (Part 2)

I'm back to continue the lamp shade. :) After measuring the base circumference of the lamp shade, I realized that 1 meter of organza is not enough. So my head seamstress had to halt this project till we buy enough fabric. *Sigh*

BUT, I've sewn on the crystals onto the shades (recap, I've bought 2 of these floor lamps). I'll show you the process. Just make sure to get working leather gloves, thick needles for upholstery purposes and a ball of strong thread.

Let's start.

I started off by laying out the pattern and colour assortment sequence per pane on the table. After, I measured and placed markings on the shade. For each pane, I had 7 (middle) + 1 + 1 (both ends of pane)
 Tie a knot and start on a new marking. (I'm continuing mine in this picture)
Slot in your crystal beads.
Pull it tight and snug to the frame.
 Make another round.
Secure with another stitch. The shade fabric has 2 layers, note when doing this, make sure that your thread goes in-between the layers to hide the thread. 
 Out on the next marking and repeat the process.
 On the underside, it looks like this. Clean looking with just the stitch.
The end result!

My hands were a little sore from pulling & pushing the needle onto the lamp shade. As this is 2nd hand, the hardened glue on the edges of the shade makes it even tougher. That's why I need the aid of the leather gloves. If not, the needle will go through my hands.

Ok, last step will be to put on the fabric. 

Stay tuned for part 3! 

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