Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Monkey Business (Part 1)

Ok, my scaffolding came on the 31 Aug. I was thinking that it was the metal type but it's wooden scaffolds. Initially I thought that it wasn't that stable... Boy, I was wrong. It's really solid. What really impressed me was that the people who put the scaffold together were old uncles. They are really fit!!

See the wallpaper paint that was done halfway on first floor? That's what I got the scaffold for. To continue all the way up and to install a chandelier. 

I always thought that we have the luxury to see and wait before deciding what to do. When the construction was going on (laying of floor tiles), we thought, " Shall we do the extension for the 2nd floor or shall we not?". After much "thinking" (after when the construction ended), we decided to scrap the idea and install a chandelier instead.

Word of advise - get all your hacking and dirty works done way before your painting, doing the final stuff and having all your new furniture in your place. I was so worried that our new floor tiles would be scratched by the debris from the hacking to conceal the wiring and worst of all, the DUST & Wood shavings (from the scaffold)!!! OMG, it was everywhere and I had a hard time cleaning it up! I hate the mess and I'm highly allergic to super dusty places.  X(

Ok, that's me now painting the wallpaper paint. I'm not the least afraid of heights, but I'm afraid if I fall. There's safety gear, but it's just a safety line attached to my hips and onto the scaffold. At times I have to stand at the wooden joining at the edge to reach difficult places.

My mum took a picture of me from first floor. I feel like a monkey, climbing up and down the scaffold. The hardest part was the top extreme edges of this panel. That being said, I had a good work out of sit ups, yoga and squats today.

Stay tuned for the final picture of result when the scaffolds are removed!   ;)


  1. Wow! You build that up just to paint the rest of the wall?! Ok now I know how things are done. I do hope this is the one and only high wall you are painting! Yikes...

  2. yup gal, other than the dust aspect, I enjoyed climbing it. It's scary, but fun. The scaffolds are finally taken off! I'll post a picture of it soon. :)