Saturday, September 22, 2012

Stoney Love

Our first guest on our new dining table! This cheeky baby lizard has been around the house since...

Choosing our dining table had been a hard job when we have thoughts of getting a chandelier. From our love-at-first-sight for a one piece hard wood table, we changed our minds when we thought of how the crystal chandelier wouldn't fit the wooden table. At the end, we decided on a stone table.

Yes, a stone table. I know marble tables are expensive however, I didn't know that they are that pricey! (I mean it's OK just as long as it's under by allocated budget) Then we started looking at another option - Granite.

A trick question: Is Marble or Granite more expensive?

Before research, my answer was Marble is more expensive. Close friends and family whom I have asked also said the same thing, BUT, it is all a perception! Granite is just as pricey as Marble! Plus, since Granite is a harder material, it also means that it needs more workmanship = more $$.

We spent a few weekends going to & fro the stone factory looking and confirming the stones we have choosen, then bringing the samples back to imagine how the different colours would fit the dining area. This process took us close to a month.

Finally! We chose a black granite slab - Russian Volga Blue. Granite is more hardy and not as porous as Marble. I'm quite a lazy person, so the lesser work to care for the better. This selection turns out slightly more costly than the initial marble slab that we have chosen.   XO

And the whole table weighs a whopping 360kg or more!! Had 4-5 men handling the delivery of it.

 First step: Table base
This table is not designed for lifting. You definitely need assistance from these suction handles at all four corners!! 

Cleaning the inside before the final step.  
 Whoa, super heavy! It's 160kg!!

Table is ready!

Well, I'm waiting for the delivery of our dining chairs. It should be ready in mid-Oct. This is how our chairs will look like:

Our dining room is almost done. We bought 6 cream and 4 black ones. The table is a 8-seater, but we bought two extra in case for guests. The extras will be used in our rooms. :)

I can't wait to see how it fits the whole look! 

Look out for my updates!


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