Sunday, September 9, 2012

Monkey Business (Part 2)

The scaffolds are off!! My electrician came to fix the support for the chandelier and my feature wall is finally done! :)

My contractor really did a great job in concealing the wire. The wall that I painted the wallpaper paint is where the hacking & plastering took place. The wire went all the way up, he cut two holes in the ceiling board and plastered it up. I was afraid that they will use the conduit along the ceiling board, it's good that they didn't use that method. Smart!

View from 1st floor
View from 2nd floor

Scaffold removing process:

It's tricky at the top as they need to turn in different angles to get the metal planks & long pieces of wood down. You don't want these to bang and hit your newly painted walls right? 

This time, the scaffolding took half the time to be removed. The aftermath is another tiring job... Cleaning! 


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